January this year, my family and I travelled to Spain. Before we left, I was a little worried about our orchid plants . We had three different plants. Anyways, I fed the plant food a night before the trip and hoped to God that these plants would still be alive by the time we return from the three months trip.
The day we returned in April,  I quickly rushed in to see the plants. They had withered and dried. I decided to feed them for a few days to see if I could still revive them. Two survived and one did not make it. Needless to say,  the two who survived have not bloomed all year. They are alive and look very healthy but they did not bloom at all.
As I fed the plants this morning, my thoughts shifted to the long effects of the three months of neglect these orchids have suffered. And it’s the same with our lives. Once you stop feeding your soul with God’s word,  your spiritual connection to God, your faith, prayer life and begins to diminish. Do not starve your soul. Feed it with God’s word! That’s the only way you grow as God’s child . That’s the only way you learn about God and how to have faith. That’s the only way you learn how to be a better human. That’s the only way you learn how to defeat the devil and his deceptions.

Romans 10:17


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