The godliest parents in the world are not guaranteed godly children. Why? Because children are free will creatures living in a fallen world, just like their parents. They have the choice to follow our example and the instruction we give them, or not. All would agree that the prophet Samuel walked with God as faithfully as any man. Yet his children turned out so poorly the people demanded a king to replace them as judges. God honored Samuel’s faithfulness in many ways, but his example was not reflected in the choices of his children.

Parenting is a journey with an uncertain destination. We can’t count on a good result just because we are faithful. There is no formula that will assure you your children will follow Jesus. You must place your trust in God, surrender your children to Him, follow God’s will the best you can, and leave the results to Him.

You must trust the result of your parenting to God.
1Samuel 8:1-3
Source: Parenting by design


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