How often does fear drive you to do something you ought not to do? Fear can be driven by a need for approval from others, a need for control, envy of another lifestyle, or concern about being left behind by your peer group’s march to “success.” These fears are summed up in the concept of “fear of man.”

The Bible tells us fear of man will prove to be a snare because it is a substitute for fear of God. When we are concerned with our standing before men, we strive for worldly things rather than Godly ones. That striving is not hidden from God. He sees our hearts and knows the fear that motivates us. We may try to justify our efforts to gain approval, control, or a better lifestyle as advancements to be used for God’s work, but He knows the real fear that motivates us.

The remedy for hypocrisy is to fear God alone.

Luke 12:2
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