Since Jewish weddings were held at night, a bridegroom’s servants would anxiously wait for their master to come home. They wanted to be ready so they didn’t keep the new husband and his bride waiting at the door. Jesus used a parable to illustrate how believers should likewise enthusiastically anticipate and prepare for His return.

As we raise our kids, it is easy to focus on the here and now rather than the things of heaven. The issues of the moment — potty training, homework, being in the starting lineup, or choosing a college can cause us to lose sight of our real purpose on earth. Instead of preparing for our Master’s return, we often choose to serve ourselves instead.

When we live with our eyes on the eternal, it is more difficult for the things of the world to ensnare us. Show your kids an example of the freedom that comes when we filter our experiences through an eternal perspective.

Be an example of someone serving the Lord and waiting anxiously for His return.
Luke 12:36-37
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