“His Love Held Him There”


Have you ever been bullied? When I was in the sixth grade, we had a student in our class who had obviously failed a few grades already. Most of us were still skinny and scrawny, but this guy looked like a prize fighter, towering over us with an intimidating scowl.

Nobody likes to be pushed, shoved, mocked or chased by a bully! On one occasion, this bully chased me all the way home after school. I ran up the steep steps to our row house, opened the door, and quickly shut it behind me. I could feel my heart beating in my mouth.

Fortunately I grew up and got bigger. After the sixth grade, I don’t remember ever experiencing a bully again. But that was enough for me to taste how bitter bullies really are.

It’s bad enough to be bullied by someone you don’t really know or particularly care for. But to be mocked and jeered by those you love, that’s a far deeper pain.

Jesus came to bring salvation to His own, yet they rejected him. They stripped Him, robed Him in purple, stuck a crown of thorns on His head, knelt down before Him, mocked and spat on Him. In their mockery, they stuck a reed in his right hand as if it were a king’s scepter, then took it and beat Him with it.

And yet He said nothing in return. They led Him as a sheep to the slaughter even though He was the true King.

I can’t imagine saying nothing when you possess power and refuse to use it. I know what it’s like to run from the bully in the sixth grade. But bullies didn’t put Christ on the cross, and nails didn’t hold Him there. His love for us held Him there.


Lord Jesus, forgive me. Nails didn’t hold You to the cross, but your love for me did. Forgive me for downplaying the gravity of Your great act of love. Keep my eyes focused on You and the hope I have in You because of Your love for me. In Christ’s name, amen.

Seek Him, Serve Others

Post something today on social media or send an email, text or write a note to encourage those who are being bullied. You don’t need to name anyone – just remind them how Christ responded on the Cross and the Father exalted Him in honor and dignity.

The Cross and Easter


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