Exercising Faith

I recently heard a testimony from a Living Faith Church member which I loved so much. A man had a son who has the SS genotype.  After hearing a message that woke his faith up, he took his son to the hospital for a genotype test. The doctor said,  I don’t know what you are expecting but your son is SS. The man said No! That is not what God is talking about. He took his son to another hospital for the same test. The doctor said your son has the AS genotype. The man said No! That is not what God is talking about. He took his son to a third hospital. The doctor said your son has the AA genotype.  The man said, Yes. That is what God is saying! Pastor David Oyedepo said , as long as we keep speaking or declaring in line with God’s word,something keeps changing. 

This reminds me of a time in 1999 to 2000 when my sister and I were trying to get into the university . I had initially chosen a course and later found out that the university had started my dream course.So an influential acquaintance tried to help me change my choice of study by contacting the HOD of my dream course. The HOD agreed to help and asked me to check the list which would be released the following week. I kept coming to check daily so much so that the secretary became familiar with my face. The day the list was about to be placed on the wall ,  I came to check. The secretary looked at me and said I’m preparing to place the list on the information board. What’s your name again? I told her. She checked and said hmm sorry your name isn’t here . I replied no its not possible!  I began to remind God of his promises. And I stood there and waited and prayed. The HOD (who by now was tired of seeing my face daily )stepped in and said to me, have you seen the list? His secretary said her name isn’t on the list sir. He seemed suprised but I refused to let my heart fear. I held onto God. Needless to say, when the list was finally released, my name was the only one written in bold letters. 

No matter the circumstances we find ourselves, let’s always remember that we have a God who can make impossibilities possible.  The light and power in God’s word always renders our disabilities irrelevant.  


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